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The Anchor


The Anchor believes in the power of storytelling through self-representation.
We seek to make work that gives voice to experiences that are marginalised or traditionally excluded from main stream platforms. Therefore, we offer workshops that focus on community connection and ensemble formation through personal story telling.
These workshops develop the confidence and performance skills of the individuals involved. Previously, we have run these devising workshops with the young people at Canberra Youth Theatre and the students at the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts. In both instances, our collaboration with these groups resulted in the development of powerful theatrical works, which reflected the performer's identities and perspectives back to their community.

We are always looking for opportunities to expand the ways we can use our devising process to collaborate with people who want to tell their stories to audiences. We offer a well trained, distilled process that is proven to enable community members to represent their own experiences, passions and creativity. Our workshops are open to performers and non-performers alike.