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What is a woman’s relationship to legacy?
What is a woman’s relationship to power?
And when it comes down to it, does either ambition matter in a world that we are destroying?

An old statue of The Three Graces stands in a crumbling city square. Shadowed by sky scrapers and decaying car parks, the local museum curator decides it’s time the statue was brought in doors. However, the Three Graces have other plans.

The Three Graces was produced by Katie Cawthorne and Laura Lethlean at Theatre Works, May 2019.

“The Three Graces is part comedy, part tragedy and entirely engaging”

Kate Rose, Herald Sun, May 28 2019.

“Each part of The Three Graces comes together in glorious fashion, creating a sensational production. Led by an exceptional team, it’s a show not to be missed.”

Irene Bell, Theatre Press, May 2019

“Lethlean has her Graces muse: ‘What was before us?’ staring out at the audience as if upon them projected shadows flickered, like in Plato’s Cave. Shifting her performers into the present, giving them modern dilemmas of gender relations and environmental responsibility, she reinforces Plato’s point that humanity is more comfortable in ignorance, and averse to change even in the face of existential crisis.”

Anna Westbrook, Arts Hub, May 2019

“The Three Graces… authentically portrays women’s lived experiences, and how they are talked about and reflected upon...it reminded me of those leading feminist theatre-makers at an earlier stage of artistic development.”

Cameron Woodhead, The Age, May 29 2019

“An experience onto its own.”

Jytte Holmqist, BeMelbourne, May 2019

“Incredibly thought provoking and powerful… thoughtful and compelling, honestly exploring gender equality, irreversible climate change, legacy, and power through her characters’ interactions and stories...It is satisfying (and only fitting) to see so many women’s voices and work in a play looking at the perspectives of three women - it means that there is depth and understanding in the ideas and characters, conversations and relationships of these three characters, which is needed to make the play genuinely relatable. For me, theatre’s brilliance is making you think. And The Three Graces certainly gives me a great deal to think about.”

Lucinda Naughton, Theatre Travels, May 2019


A man and a woman meet. They’re nervous - the music is too loud - they make each other laugh - they miss the moment for their first kiss. But they make it work. They do, in their own faltering yet hopeful way, begin…

This is an invitation to look back on your past loves: what you did right, what you did wrong, what you wish you could re-live and what you wish you could forget.
Short and bitter sweet, Two Hearts is for those of us who have lost love and want to find it again.

Two Hearts was produced by The Anchor in both Sydney in 2018 and Melbourne in 2019.

2019 PRODUCTION: produced by Katie Cawthorne and Laura Lethlean in collaboration with The Butterfly Club.
2018 PRODUCTION: produced by Katie Cawthorne, Jessica Arthur and Laura Lethlean in collaboration with The Kings Cross Theatre.

"It is great to see simple yet thought provoking theatre that can confront the audience with common everyday life situations."

Flora Georgiou, Stage Whispers

“There’s a lot to like here. Two Hearts feels comfortable and equipped to tackle one of the bigger obstacles a couple - particularly a straight couple - can face.“

Cassie Tongue, Time Out Sydney

“Two Hearts is an engaging piece that offers an opportunity to listen to authentic voices.”

Tim Garrett, Theatre People

“Lethlean excels in projecting people’s inner thoughts about their relationships with others onto the stage. Two Hearts offers poignant moments, particularly in its depiction of the start of the couple’s relationship where trepidation and fervent desire battle each other.”

Jenna Schroder, Audrey Journal

“The strength of the night is the writing detail from scene to scene from Ms Lethlean - its preoccupations are indeed off-centre, quirky and refreshing”

Kevin Jackson, The Blurb Magazine

“Playwright Laura Lethlean is a restive thinker with a keen ear for contradictions and obfuscations in language that speaks to the failures between communication, intention and experience.”

Lisa Thatcher

“It’s as intense and it is whimsical and philosophical. The delivery is almost faultless. How they remembered the complex lines is beyond fathoming.”

Jeni Wilson, Weekend Notes

FADING (2018)

The year after high school can feel like a loss. You feel the bottom fall out from underneath you, like everything you have learned about life up until now is… irrelevant.

The year after high school is the first time you will have to structure your own life. You will go from an ordered world, the only world you have ever known, into relative chaos. You won’t have someone telling you what to do and you won’t have somewhere you need to go everyday. People will expect you to be sure of what you want, and you’ll be expected to go out into the world- you’re done now, you’re a grown up.

Sometimes you wish you could be 10 years old again, safe and happy- somewhere you can play and be told what time to go to bed and which books to read and what to eat- be told what to do all the time, where to go...

But you can’t reverse time, and you know, deep down, that running backwards, running away, is no way to get you where you want to go.

Developed collaboratively with Canberra Youth Theatre’s Company Ensemble, this highly physical play uses lyrical language to respond to the transition from childhood to adulthood.

"It is an apt and complex production that presents the audience with the different flavours of life, the transition from a child into an adult with satire and humour."

Soumyadeep Sengupta, September 2019

"The most tightly executed physical theatre I’ve seen… Fading was a beautiful and poignant post-dramatic exploration of that time in our lives when we are told that the fun is over; now we need to put our heads down and work hard if we want to ‘make it’."

Isha Menon, VCA

“Laura Lethlean has chosen a good subject to explore in theatrical terms. There is a poetic quality to her writing that gives the show a dream-like aspect while confronting the issues head-on.”

Len Power, Canberra Critics Circle, 12 September 2018

CIRCUIT (2020)

‘Circuit’ aims to make gender expectations explicit in order to develop a realisation amongst the audience that we all are complicit with this societal thinking. We will work with a male actor to explore this idea of the circuit, the treadmill, the routine, the expectation that the female gender experiences within the western society.

The performance will take place on a specially designed gym circuit. The performer will continue to run through the circuit, lap by lap, learning as he goes, how to be a ‘correct’ woman, modifying his behaviour and instincts to fit the stereotype.

This performance will take place at Canberra’s Art Not Apart festival in March, 2020.