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Little Bitch

A piece of physical theatre performed by an all-male cast, Little Bitch explores the notion that societal expectations and pressures are what create gender stereotypes.

This will be an extension of circuit, developed at Footscray’s Bluestone Church during the Anchor’s 2020 residency.

Pillow Fight

What is the relationship between justice and forgiveness?

Kelsie is sure she has been sexually assaulted. Her assaulter Zack disagrees.

He asks her to prove it. She can't.

Still, she wants an apology.

But he considers the act of apologising to be an admission of guilt.

In the wake of this, Kelsie goes to see a psychiatrist, who offers her the chance to be a part of a new trial therapy. The therapy promises to induce a synthetic sense of forgiveness towards the person who has hurt her. But what are the consequences of such a quick fix?

Pillow Fight is currently in development and will be produced in 2021.